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Gyro Bowl


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Practical Design 

Feed your baby with ease with this rotating gyro bowl. The dish comes in a practical design that rotates 360 degrees to prevent any spillage. The open side always stays up. So even if your little one is especially rowdy, you don't have to worry about the mess. Spinning, turning, throwing, dumping – it can handle everything!

Suitable Size of Dish

Suitable for ages 25 to 36 months, these gyro bowls have an appropriate size for growing babies. Whether you’re feeding them yogurt and cheese, cereals, or fruits and vegetables, the size of the bowl allows you to fill up on the portions accordingly. 

No Smell

During and after feeding, don’t worry about any lingering smell. The gyro bowl is easy to clean and leaves no smell of the food. Even the plastic it’s made of leaves no scent. So if you are bothered by smelly dishes, this one will not be a problem!

Safe for Baby

Feed your baby stress-free with this gyro bowl – it is completely safe for your baby. It is made of lightweight plastic so even if it drops on the little one, it will not hurt them nor spill any food. And it’s big enough to not be a choking hazard for the baby.

Fun and Vibrant Colors

Turn feeding times into fun times with the colorful and vibrant design of the gyro bowl. Colors like bright orange and pink will fascinate your baby, making it easy for you to feed him or her. Even if your little one is picky, they can't run away from these fun colors!

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No Spillage or Mess

Let the fear of cleaning up after a huge mess vanish from your mind! Feed your baby easily without worrying about any mess. No spilling food on the furniture, floor, carpets, and sheets – there will simply be no mess!

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Feed the Baby Stress-free

No mess and safe for the baby – feed your baby free of stress and worries. With this gyro bowl, fill up on all nutritious solid foods – cereal, fruits yogurt, and more. Mealtimes have never been more relaxed and easier

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Clean It Easily

 No off-putting smells will come in the way of mealtimes. And you can clean the bowl easily. Make mealtimes fun and stress-free for you and the baby with this practical gyro bowl – it’s simply the best out there!

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re 100% confident about our product that we’ll give you a FULL REFUND if it doesn’t work well.

 The period when babies just start eating solid food is important for their growth and overall health. It is a tough task already to feed food to growing babies. But it can be really difficult to feed babies solid food without fear of mess and safety concerns. Babies at that age tend to be more active and may create a mess - spilling the food, throwing the food, sliding the plate off the table. Preventing any accidents and cleaning up the mess can be a real struggle. In addition, the feeding bowls can be dangerous themselves if they fall on the baby.

The universal gyro bowl comes in a practical 360-degree rotation design that prevents any spillage and mess compared to traditional plates. Its rotating design ensures that the top side always stays up so food never falls even if it is thrown. The high-quality and odor-free plastic material makes it safe for the baby and allows for an easy cleaning process. The fun and vibrant colours also ensure that your baby has a fun and happy eating time. The dish comes in a suitable size that can contain the right portion for growing babies. Feeding times can now be mess-free and stress-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions